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Vicki Ziegler and her associates bring to Web and online marketing projects their combined business experience and academic credentials in:

  • Web site architecture and implementation
  • Web site content management, and ongoing development and enhancement
  • social media strategy, execution and coaching (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms)
  • technical and business communication
  • information design
  • online marketing and commerce, including e-mail marketing and database management
  • audio and video content assistance
  • training.

In the mid-1990s, Vicki led the team responsible for the Symantec corporate Web site (http://www.symantec.com) – a major software publisher’s site that was regularly welcoming 2 million hits, or upwards of 50,000 unique visitors daily in 1996-1997. Managing the site at that time included introducing secure online commerce and digital product fulfillment at a time when few major software publishers were providing such services. The Symantec Web site continued to garner numerous awards and recognition for many years.

For close to 25 years, Vicki Ziegler and her associates have developed and maintained public Web sites, private (intranet/extranet) sites, site redesigns, social media launches and initiatives, email marketing campaigns and online promotions for a variety of clients and organizations.

Current and Recent Portfolio

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Previous Projects and Clients

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  • Ziegler, Mitchell and Associates developed all or most of the Web content and structure at that site.
  • Ziegler, Mitchell and Associates has work in progress, or provides/provided content development, online research or other services for portions of those sites.
  • Ziegler, Mitchell and Associates will provide by request information about previous clients and projects that are no longer online.

91 Oak Park Avenue • Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4C 4M5 • 416/429-5196